Thuya Wood

These beautiful gift items are hand crafted in the Western Atlas region of North Africa from Thuya Wood or officially Tetraclinis Articulata.

This rare wood is a coniferous tree indigenous to the Westerb foothill of the Atlas Mountains in North Africa. The unique effect of Thuya wood products is achieved by using outgrowths on the roots of Thuya trees, not part of the trunk or branches.

Its unique blend of burled grain is exclusive to this region. Due to Thuya wood's limited supply and careful policy of sustainability, products are never made in large quantities, and the variations in the wood makes an unique gift. Each piece is handcrafted and rubbed by hand for hours. Lemon juice and vegetable oil are polished into the wood revealing Thuya's natural burled grain.

The magnificent appearance the Thuya wood assumes after being polished is what really sets Thuya wood apart from other woods . With its many spectacular eyes, which genuinely shine, it's no wonder that Thuya is so unique in the world and makes for an extra special gift. Its beauty will complement any décor. / / / / / / / / / /

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