Artisans / Craft Co-operatives

Thuya wood is a unique natural resource, yet great skill is also required to use this resource to create these beautiful gifts. These are traditional skills which have been passed down from generation to generation.

Craftspeople or Artisans in Morocco are traditionally organised in souks which specialise in a specific skill - such as pottery, leatherwork, Carpet weaving, jewellery. Teenagers receive a holistic education - spending part of the day studying literature, religion, economy etc and the other part of the day learning the traditional skills of their discipline.

Many of the Artisans group together in craft co-operatives to share overheads and jointly market their goods. Cadwyn works with these Artisans to advise on which gift items are in demand in Europe and America, to control quality and to arrange exportation.

Our relationship however goes far beyond that of an economic consultancy. We know personally many of the artisans, work with them and count them as our personal friends. We know how important the sales are to them. They are rightly proud of their products and we help to market them via the world wide web.

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