Magical Exotic Gifts - from the Atlas Mountains - in Aromatic Thuya Wood

Our Magical Exotic gifts are crafted in the Western Foothills of the Atlas Mountains in North Africa using the root of the thuya tree. The root is used to stunning effect to create gifts of outstanding beauty. Co-operatives of artisans use their traditional skills which have been passed from generation to generation to create a unique range of gifts for men and women.

Perhaps the most intriguing item is the "Boite Magique" (magic box) - the key to which is hidden in a secret panel inside the box. It's easy when you know the trick - and we do supply the simple step by step instructions!

In this collection you will find also Jewellery Boxes, Treasure Chests, Pensets, Wine Trays and much more all in beautiful Thuya Wood. Press Here to go straight to the shopping page to view the Gifts. Or read a little more about the Atlas Region, Thuya Wood or the Crafts Co-operatives which produce the items. Springfield portable toilets
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Our Company - CADWYN - was established in the 1970's to provide the sales of hand-crafted gifts from both Wales and the developing countries of West and North Africa. We work directly with artisans in their African co-operatives and offer you their products directly.

Wales is based in the Sterling Zone and therefore we quote the prices in GBP Pound Sterling. Please note that there is a currency converter on each of the individual item pages for your convenience to work out in a second the price in US Dollars. When you use your credit card to purchase the item, the amount will be deducted from your Credit Card balance automatically in your currency.

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